Wild Coastlines to Explore

14) The Beach Zupignano
Unique beach with reddish smooth stones. Its color comes from crushing the high sedimentary rocks with compact, horizontal layers. Features: Length: 300 m - ground gravel.

15) The Beach Secche
Halfway between the beaches of Nisporto and Zupignano, is a charming and secluded beach with gravel and sand and in some places gravel colored with pink shades. The central part is occupied by Arenile boulders. In view of the rocky soil, it is wise to be cautious.

16) The Beach Rivercina
Halfway between the beach Mangani and the beach Nisportino is a wonderful colorful gravel landscape, formed by the rocky coast (geologically diverse). Nearby there are other coves. Before the beach opens the way for much of the northern coast of the island, dominated by the massive Monte Capanne granite.

17) The Beach Mangani
This beach has colorful pebbles on the shore and sand in the back. It is protected by a beautiful bay and is only exposed to the wind from north-west. The beach is very popular with boaters passing through, because here you will find a beautiful, wild nature. Features: Length: 200 m - ground gravel.