Elba is an island ideal for trekking. There are many trekkingtrails numbered and mapped, which cross the coast and the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago. On Elba you will not only find easy ways ideal for beginners but also challenging trails for experienced hikers. One of the most important routes is the GTE trail (Gran Elba Crossing). This is an old path that was used by shepherds from west to east.

On the way you will encounter churches, chapels, bunkers, forts, castles, lighthouses, shepherds cottage (Caprili) and historical remains from different periods, of which the island of Elba was dominated by various population groups, for example: Etruscans, Romans, Pisans and Ligurians. The paths in the middle of the mediteranean nature, are unique landscapes in spring and rich in flowers and wonderful scents of herbs. The island of Elba is rich in beautiful panoramic views. It is worth to visit this.